The Making Process

All Grounded Pottery is handmade From the Earth and for the Earth!

We use traditional pottery craft techniques with care and precision, to create our Travel Mugs and Coffee Cups. 

Below is rough idea of how our 4 week process goes from clay to cup:

| Day 1 – 2 |
Preparing the raw clay by pugging/Wedging
Then throwing cups on the potters wheel

| Day 3 – 6  |
Drying to soft/medium leather-hard for trimming the bases of the cups

| Day 4 |
Adding any decoration such as imprinting text or designs 


Emma Decorating Grounded Pottery

| Day 5 – 19 |
Drying to Bone Dry before the first firing

Pottery drying in the sunshine

| Day 20 – 23 | 
Stacking the kiln for the Bisque firing. Allowing time to cool down before unloading



| Day 24 – 26 | 
Painting, adding colors to decorate the cups and glazing


buzzin bee

| Day 27 – 29 | 
Stacking the kiln for the Glaze firing. Allowing for time to cool down before unloading and checking out the results! 

Glaze fired Travel Cups fresh from the kiln atGrounded Pottery

| Day 30 | 
Packing and posting the cups out to eagerly awaiting customers.


To see up to date progress of our making follow us on Instagram @grounded.pottery