Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalised orders
We can customize your travel cup on request with your name, branding, a short message or quote. See our 'Make it your Own' collection for options, or send us a message if you have a question or can't find what you are looking for!
Please be mindful that the pottery making process takes 3-4 weeks and so if you need the cup for a particular date, please give as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. 

How do I order a Pet Portrait cup?
We take a limited number of pet portrait cup orders in each batch of cups. These images are hand painted and so take quite a bit more time to create. We will need brightly lit, good quality images of the animal, ideally a full body shot to work from and a close up of their face to try to bring their character into the image. Please use the 'Hand Painted Cup' listing within the 'Make it your own' collection to place an order. You will be able to attach 1 photo to this order, please choose the photo that you'd like us to work from and you can message us with the any additional images for reference via the ‘Contact Us’ section, or on Instagram direct messaging. We let you know the availability and turnaround time of these cups also after you get in touch.


Sizing details
Our Travel cups hold a 12oz /regular size coffee. Each travel cup weighs about 500g

The base fits into any cup holder (that we've tested - car, pram, seats)

The Coffee cups are lid less and hold about 4oz or a 'lungo' size nespresso pour or cortado. They weigh about 200g. The shape of them allows for easy stacking in the cupboard!

Full measurements for the travel cups are noted in the product listings.

Are they Microwave/Dishwasher safe?
Yes. All Grounded Pottery Cups, Lids and Sleeves are both microwave and dishwasher safe however we recommend that you wash your cup and lid by hand after each use to keep it extra safe and avoid something banging against your cup in the dishwasher and causing any damage. If microwaving your cup, please be aware that the cup will get hot and we’d recommend using a silicone sleeve when removing to avoid burning your fingers.


Are the cups hot to hold?
The standard barista made coffee with milk is generally made at around 65 degrees which isn’t usually too hot to hold. If you like your drinks extra hot or you’re using your Grounded Pottery Cup to enjoy a herbal tea or a black coffee you may find the main body of the cup is a bit hot for the first few minutes after making. You may wish to purchase an additional Silicone Sleeve for your travel cup if you think it might be too hot to handle. Alternatively, you can hold the cup around the top near the lid, or at the base where the wall of the cup is thicker, or you can place your fingers under the base and hold your thumb on the lid. 


Where can I purchase a silicone sleeve for my cup?
We have an optional silicone sleeves that can be added to your order, the option is below the Lid options when placing your order. They are €2 each and this will be added to the total of your order.


How often do you restock your website?
We restock Grounded Pottery website every time we unload our kiln which is usually about once a month. We do our best to keep cups in each of our design collections in stock. Alternatively you can keep an eye on our @grounded.pottery Instagram or @groundedpottery Facebook channels for news of restocks and any new collections. If you’d like to pre-order, just get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page to discuss your preference, or check out our ‘Make it your own’ collection to create your own Travel Cup.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, We ship any of our Grounded Pottery Cups Internationally. The full details of postage costs are detailed in our shipping policy.


Will my cup come in sustainable packaging?
Yes, We aim to keep our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, using raw kraft paper tags, recycled or reused cardboard, reused newspaper and acid free crepe paper. We also avoid stickers or cards with plastic overlay, as they will not biodegrade as efficiently as the raw card. Grounded Pottery Cups are packaged and posted using 100% recycled paper and cardboard, and second-hand/repurposed packaging materials that have been salvaged from a local business where they have would otherwise be considered waste and gone straight into landfill. You can expect your cup to come in a cardboard box filled with both new (recycled) and second hand paper and materials. Reduce * Reuse * Recycle


Will my pottery cup look exactly like the pictures in the listing?
Handmade items, especially pottery will always produce a unique result. In pottery making, there are many variables. Glazes are unpredictable in how they will behave in the kiln. The end result can be affected by the way the glaze was applied, the thickness of the glaze, the surface of the cup. The kiln itself can produce different results, maybe because of external temperatures, the position in the firing, or maybe due to the other contents of the kiln... Maybe it's just up to the kiln gods to decide! The variations are what make your Grounded Pottery Cups truly unique.


Why are there small hairline cracks in the glaze on my cup?
The lines you see in the glaze on some ceramics is due to “glaze crazing” and is a perfectly normal feature of many glazes. Don’t be alarmed, glaze craze is not a crack and will not affect the functional or hygienic aspects of your item. Don’t panic if the glaze on your cup continues to craze over time, this is also perfectly normal. You may also hear little ‘pinging’ noises from your cup as it adjusts to temperatures. Glaze crazing occurs in some heavy glazes where the shrinkage rate of the clay differs to the shrinkage rate in the glaze resulting in a beautiful crackled effect. The thickness of the glaze during the application will determine the amount of crazing, (if any) so not all ceramics will feature a craze.


Where can I purchase Grounded Pottery products?
All of our stock is available to buy through our website. We do have some stock available in selected Coffee shops, Homewares stores, Minimal waste stores across Ireland. We also have our own workshop outside Tralee where you can pick up a purchase from when pre-arranged with us. 


How durable are Grounded Pottery Cups? Can they break easily?
We fire all our pottery at temperatures over 1100֯C, which vitrifies it, making it a stone like state. This means can withstand high temperatures and fluctuations from zero to 100֯C or more no issue, provided the cup isn’t damaged. Grounded Pottery Cups are made of ceramic which is durable and suitable for hot or cold beverages and transportation, however if you drop your cup it will break. If your cup gets knocked against a hard surface it may crack or chip. We quality control all of our cups before they leave the workshop and can guarantee that no cups leave our studio with and damage, hairline cracks or defaults.


My cup broke, can I fix it?
You can absolutely repair your cup, except sadly you will not be able to drink from it again. You can glue it and repurpose it into a plant pot, vase, candle or pen holder? The glue can soften if put in the dishwasher or exposed to liquid which is why it would need a new use. Even if it is not repairable, the broken pieces of your cup will have not negative environmental impact if sent to landfill.


Can I order Grounded Pottery Cups as corporate gifts?
Yes! We are happy to work with businesses to provide Travel Cups to your staff or clients and encourage them to reduce waste and avoid single use cups. We can offer a bundle price for bulk orders over 10 Travel or 20 coffee cups.
In a shared workspace it’s great for each employee to have their own cup for hygiene reasons, and we can offer personalised cups with names if this would work for you. We have also incorporated company’s names or logos onto cups. It makes for a brighter tea breaks when you’re using your beautiful Irish handmade ceramic coffee cups to recharge!
To find out more send us a message with your enquiry or request via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website or at


Do you offer Wholesale?
We are not in a position to facilitate a wholesale pricing model. All our pottery is made completely by hand and so our capacity is limited as well as time heavy. We can offer a discount if you are placing a bulk order (over 10 Travel cups or 20 coffee cups) Please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website or send an email to


Tips for looking after your Grounded Pottery Travel Cup:
Pottery cups can last a lifetime if cared for. To avoid any damage on your cup we recommend that you wash your cup after each use to avoid staining the silicone lid, a hand wash will suffice for daily use. You can clean thoroughly in the dishwasher once a week or so, but please do take care not to pack in near something that may fall or knock off it during the cycle. If you have a build-up of tea tannins or coffee inside your cup, soak it in vinegar overnight and hand wash in the morning. You could also try giving it a scrub with granulated sugar. 

Always transport your cup with the lid on to protect the rim of the cup (and avoid any spillage or scalding!). The rim is the most fragile part of the cup, so be sure to avoid banging it off coffee machine or against items in the dishwasher. 

If you’re carrying your cup in your handbag, remember not to drop your bag down on the floor or bang off a hard surface, it’s likely to cause a crack in the cup with the impact. Remember ceramic ware is durable but it will break if knocked or dropped so please handle it with care.